Cannabidiol Products – Star Athlete CBD Isolate Gummies – 10 Gummies
For athletes seeking a cannabidiol product that is also a tasty treat in the moment, try the CBD Isolate gummies from CBD Athlete.



  • 25 mg of pure cannabidiol (CBD) per gummy
  • No added artificial flavors
  • Star shaped gummies to unlock the star athlete in you


Build toward your best health by adding tasty CBD gummies from CBD Athlete to your routine. Each gummy contains pure CBD to give you pain relief in the moment. Our plant-based recipe ensures that every athlete can enjoy this cannabidiol product, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

Toss a gummy in your gym bag if you’re on the run for pain management to go. Choose the cannabidiol product designed to help athletes recover, and serve your inner star athlete with our CBD Isolate gummies.


1 Gummy is approximately 25 mg of CBD Isolate.
Contains pectin
Our gummies contain plant-based ingredients to serve those with dietary restrictions
We utilize natural fruit flavors in all of our gummies
Usage: put a gummy in your mouth, chew and swallow. If 25 mg of CBD is too much for you, then you can try cutting the gummy into smaller pieces
Servings: 10 Gummies per Bottle. 1 Gummy is approximately 25 mg of CBD Isolate


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