Sports are possibly more popular in the world today than they have ever been. With that increased fame comes a brighter spotlight on what athletes go through. In the past decade, the public has learned the devastating, long-term effects of some of the injuries sustained by athletes. Due to this, the search for effective means of pain treatment has expanded.

At CBD Athlete, our team believes strongly in the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for pain treatment. In today’s blog, we will highlight some professional athletes who have discussed CBD pain treatment. If you would like to learn more about CBD itself, then we suggest you read our blog post explaining the compound.

Hockey Superstars, Connor McDavid and Matt Duchene

Even if you don’t follow professional hockey, you may have heard of Connor McDavid or Matt Duchene. Both of these all stars were highly-sought prospects, with McDavid being drafted first in his class and Duchene being drafted third. These hockey players have had success at the highest level, with both of them being considered among the best players in the world.

When recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, we found out that these two forwards had something else in common, too. Namely, both McDavid and Duchene spoke out about the potential benefits of cannabis for pain relief. McDavid even advocated more research into the benefits of CBD, and a loosening of rules surrounding the use of CBD for pain treatment among athletes.

While neither McDavid nor Duchene were in position to state whether they use CBD for pain management, we realize that the plausible pain relief benefits associated with CBD could be extremely helpful to hockey players, who endure all sorts of pain from the game. It makes sense for two of the world’s best players to want more research into CBD. Athletes should be able to pursue anything that might keep them from unnecessary pain.

Former Broncos, Jake Plummer and Nate Jackson

These two former football players used to connect on the same offense. They both played for Colorado’s most popular sports team and endured extreme pains from the football field. Both Plummer and Jackson have advocated for the use of CBD for pain management based on their experiences using it.

Like CBD Athlete, Plummer and Jackson have strong ties to Colorado and sports. These two athletes are prominent spokespeople for the cannabis industry as a whole, and their work helps people get past the stigma around cannabis. Plummer and Jackson have proved that some athletes can feel better by using CBD products for pain treatment and recovery.

Our Founder, Barry Goers

Perhaps you have never heard of this professional athlete, but you should still know how much CBD helped him. Barry Goers played eight years of professional hockey as a defenseman. Over those eight years, he suffered many injuries and ultimately ended his career due to post-concussion syndrome.

Following the end of his career, Goers struggled to live his life without pain leftover from playing hockey. Although he just wanted to live a normal life, he struggled with the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome and other injuries sustained over his career. Then, Goers tried CBD for pain management.

CBD allowed Barry Goers to return to normal life without constantly feeling the effects of years spent playing hockey. It allowed him to pursue recreational athletic endeavors without worrying too much about pain. Blown away by the power of CBD, Goers started CBD Athlete to help people feel better.

Try CBD Out For Yourself

The players mentioned in today’s blog are just a few of the professional athletes that have publicly discussed the potential benefits associated with CBD. Whether you play golf on the weekends or pickup basketball games with friends, you might benefit from using CBD, too. The only way to find out if it makes you feel better is to try it for yourself.

When you are ready to try CBD for pain treatment, remember to order products from CBD Athlete. If you have any questions about CBD, hemp, or our company, then please browse our site and feel free to contact us with questions. We hope you choose to serve the athlete in you and purchase our products!

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