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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main compounds identified in hemp and is found to be the most beneficial to the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors that regulate pain, mood, the immune system, memory, stress response, and other significant functions. CBD Athlete uses CBD extracted from high-quality and best sourced Colorado hemp.

How is hemp different from marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant, but hemp contains extremely low amounts (less than 0.3%) of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In contrast to hemp, marijuana typically contains close to 20% THC. As the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC is the part of the plant used to get high.

Is hemp legal?

Hemp is defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the component of cannabis primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with the plant. In 2004, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) “cannot regulate naturally-occurring THC not contained within or derived from marijuana, i.e., non-psychoactive hemp is not included in Schedule I.”

More recently, the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was a law proposed to remove hemp from the list of Schedule I controlled substances. This act makes hemp an ordinary agricultural commodity. The provisions of the Hemp Farming Act were incorporated in the 2018 United States Farm Bill which became law on December 20, 2018.

Where do you get your hemp?

All of the hemp used for CBD Athlete’s products comes from the state of Colorado, our home! Colorado is the leading grower of hemp in the U.S. We source our hemp from some of the highest quality growers in the state. These growers work closely with our extractors to produce high-grade, professional CBD products.

What is hemp extract?

Hemp extract is produced from industrial hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. It comes from the stalks and stems of cannabis to produce an extract which contains multiple cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD). The hemp plant is full of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and by definition, it contains less than .3% of the psychoactive cannabinoids.

What is the difference between Isolate & Full Spectrum?

Full Spectrum products contain many cannabinoids besides cannabidiol (CBD), while CBD Isolate is purely the isolated CBD cannabinoid. The CBD cannabinoid is being heavily researched for its potential health benefits. However, there is also some research surrounding the “entourage effect” of the benefits of the other cannabinoids present in Full Spectrum products.

Which product should I use?

Everyone is different. CBD could affect you differently than someone else, so the type of product and dosage is up to you. Determine your product and dosage of choice based on your needs, and through talks with your doctor.

By law, we are limited to the type of advice we can give. We recommend learning more on this site, meeting with your doctor, or doing some more research on the web. However, it’s never a bad idea to check out some of our lower priced items if you want to give any CBD products a try! To learn more about hemp and get more advice on which product you should use, check out Ministry of Hemp.

How much CBD is in each oil tincture?

Milligrams (mg) of CBD per serving and our approximate estimate of mg per drop is listed on every bottle, for your convenience. Remember, these are only approximations and measurements could vary! Legally, we are not able to give medical or dosage advice for our products.

Furthermore, CBD affects everyone differently! The product and dosage that works best for each person depends on the individual and their needs. A great way of beginning to figure out what works for you is by using a small dosage to see how CBD affects you. After this initial starting point, you can adjust your usage to fit your needs.

The following is more information on roughly how much CBD could be found in each drop of our oil tinctures. Since drops can vary in size, these estimates are simply educated guesses of how much CBD is a drop. One full drop is approximately 1 milliliter (mL), and there are approximately 30 drops per mL.

Our 250mg, 15 mL tincture has approximately 0.556 mg in 1 drop.
Our 500mg, 30 mL tincture has approximately 0.556 mg in 1 drop.
Our 1000mg, 30 mL tincture has approximately 1.11 mg in 1 drop.
Our 2,500mg, 30 mL tincture has approximately 2.78 mg in 1 drop.
Our 5,000mg, 30 mL tincture has approximately 5.56 mg in 1 drop.

**Disclaimer: these are approximations and are only to be used as a general guideline**

What doses do you recommend?

Legally, we are unable to make dosage recommendations, but we suggest doing some further research through the blogs on our site, and at Ministry of Hemp. Furthermore, CBD affects everyone differently, both over a short term and a long term. So, the product and dosage that works best for each individual’s needs depends entirely on the individual. Also consider talking to your doctor for dosage advice.

How do I use your products?

What follows is a list of our main products and how to ingest them. Hopefully this will give you enough information to be able to make the best choice for you and your needs. We will also post blogs on this topic to help further.

Oil tinctures can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or mixed into juice, a drink, or a smoothie. We carry a variety of potencies: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg & 5000mg. They are made with coconut medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil as a carrying oil, as well as a full spectrum extracted hemp oil.

The gummies from CBD Athlete are a CBD Isolate and can be taken orally as well. Yum! They contain approximately 25 mg of CBD per gummy.

We have one topical product. Our 1 oz. 500mg Pain Salve can be applied manually to the skin.

Are your products third party tested?

Yes. Our products are third-party tested through our manufacturers.

Will I fail a drug test if I use your products?

We cannot make any claims about whether any of our products will show up in a drug test. That said, our Gold line of products are Full Spectrum oils & topicals made from a Full Spectrum CBD Oil. These contain less than 0.3% THC. Similarly, our Silver line of products are made from a CBD Isolate, and have no detectable amounts of THC. Again, we are not legally able to make any guarantees regarding the effects of any of our products on drug tests.

Can I vape the oil tinctures?

We DO NOT recommend vaping our oil tinctures, since they are not made to be inhaled.

When will my package ship & what shipping methods do you use?

We will do our best to fulfill orders within 48 hours. We ship all items via Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS), which typically delivers in 2-3 business days. When your package has shipped, you will receive a USPS tracking number through the email associated with your order. We appreciate your business and all orders over $50 receive free shipping!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you want to cancel your order, please try to do so before it is shipped. Once your order has been shipped, we cannot cancel your order. If you wish to receive a refund, you may return any unopened and unused products within 14 days of receiving them. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, unless the return results from an error by CBD Athlete. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

What is your return policy?

Unopened and unused product can be returned within 14 days of receiving them. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. If the return is a result of our error, such as if you receive an incorrect or defective product, you will receive a full refund for the item and we will pay all shipping costs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Where can I learn more about hemp and CBD products?

We have some more information on our site, particularly through our blogs and various pages. We also recommend doing further research at Ministry of Hemp ( and by watching videos from reputable sources on YouTube.

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